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Phitrust is a French management company created in 1999 and approved by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF). Since 2003, it has focused on the development of a responsible investment strategy around three pillars:

promoting ESG best practices (environment, social, governance) within listed companies through dialogue with minority shareholders.
Our Phitrust Active Investors UCITS overweight companies in our portfolios of listed European shares that distinguish themselves in;

analysing, financing and supporting projects with a social impact. The investment company Phitrust Partenaires and the Phitrust Endowment Fund for social innovation have been developing this approach since 2006;

financing innovative companies
seeking to respond to a social and / or environmental issue. Phitrust Innovation mutual funds for innovation (FCPI) finance and support projects run by technologically innovative companies.

Our tools

Phitrust builds its action following a guiding principle: give purpose to your investments. Phitrust is a pioneer in shareholder engagement and one of the leading private players in France in financing and supporting business projects aimed at providing a solution to a societal challenge.

Shareholder impact

With the Active Investors UCITS, Phitrust maintains dialogue with listed companies (CAC 40/Eurostoxx), participates in Annual General Meetings and exercises its voting rights.

Societal Impact

Phitrust Partenaires invests in companies that value both financial profitability and measurable response to a social or environmental issue.

Innovation Impact

Through its Phitrust Innovation Investment Funds,  Phitrust Impact Investors invests in innovative companies whose activity brings a solution to a societal challenge.

Our vision

For over 15 years, we have tried to prove that it is possible to reconcile financial performance with social and/or environmental impact, by favouring dialogue with large listed companies and supporting unlisted projects led by entrepreneurs.

What seemed then a utopian project has today become a concrete reality. While many players are seizing impact investing (and we are very happy for them), we are one of the few that can clearly demonstrate the success of maintaining dialogue with some large listed companies, through shareholder engagement and in Annual General Meetings, and promoting unlisted social enterprises, through financing and support, while still meeting our financial performance targets.


Our world needs responsible investors who commit themselves, guide all the companies through a change in culture so that they may integrate the social and environmental impact of their decisions in their strategic and operational dimension. Some do this, and we try to identify them; others are not doing it yet and we are convinced that it is possible as an investor to lead them along this path that will be long and fraught, but so rewarding for employees, stakeholders and… shareholders!


Phitrust is a portfolio management company with AMF GP 99-23 accreditation. Each UCITS/product has its own Investment Committee made up of managers, investors and/or independent members.

The members of the Board of Directors

Olivier de Guerre
Chairman and CEO


Denis Branche
Managing Director


Jean-Pierre Lefranc
Independent Director

Hubert Rodarie
Independent director


Philippe Troesch
Independent director

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Phitrust is committed to respecting the principles of integration, training and evolution of its employees. We value parity and diversity.

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