Invest to Act

Roots and Convictions

Phitrust is an offshoot of Branics, created twenty years ago by Robert de Nicolay and Denis Branche, the current Chief Operating Officer. The company then managed one of the first ethical funds. In 1999, the oil tanker Erika was shipwrecked, polluting the French coasts. Total became Branics’ first battle. The meeting in 2003 between Denis Branche and Olivier de Guerre, currently Chairman of the management company, was decisive for Phitrust. Olivier de Guerre will later develop the company and innovate by creating a “social impact investing” division.

To create an impact, we have chosen to invest to act with :


Large listed companies, to help them evolve their environmental, social and governance practices, through regular and active shareholder engagement;


Non-listed companies with innovative solutions and an inclusive vision of society (through education, integration, housing, etc.), so that they can accelerate their development and scale up their operations.


One conviction: every company, large or small, participates in the emergence of solutions. As shareholders, we have a concrete power to accelerate this transition.

Since its creation, Phitrust has created an endowment fund that supports the structural reinforcement of nonprofits and social businesses oriented towards inclusion/insertion issues.

Our world needs responsible investors who are committed and accompany all companies so that they integrate the social and environmental impact of their decisions in all their strategic and operational dimensions.

Fields of action

Shareholder impact

Engage in an active shareholder dialogue with major listed companies (CAC 40 / Eurostoxx) to influence their environmental and social practices (Phitrust Active Investors mutual funds).

Societal Impact

Investing to support the scaling up of innovative social enterprises and multiply their impacts (investment company Phitrust Partenaires and Phitrust Partenaires Europe)

Innovation Impact

Through its FCPI Phitrust Innovation funds, Phitrust Impact Investors invests in innovative companies whose activity provides a solution to a societal challenge.


Phitrust is a portfolio management company with AMF GP 99-23 accreditation. Each UCITS/product has its own Investment Committee made up of managers, investors and/or independent members.

The members of the Board of Directors

Olivier de Guerre
Chairman and CEO


Denis Branche
Managing Director


Jean-Pierre Lefranc
Independent Director

Hubert Rodarie 
Independent director


Philippe Troesch
Independent director

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