[Press Release] Phitrust Partenaires publishes its 2020 Activity & Impact Report

June 24th 2021

The companies in our portfolios have resisted because their social purpose, centered on people, is at the heart of their strategy!

Resilience, a long-term vision, close support for entrepreneurs, and a convincing dialogue with our shareholders are the key words of this past year. The health crisis is acting as a huge stress test for impact investing. What impact are we talking about? What are the last resort arbitration criteria?

For us impact investors, this crisis reinforces our convictions. We all have to relearn to live with long investment horizons. Shareholders, whether of listed or unlisted companies, impact companies or not, will have to rethink their responsibility. Entire areas of activity have been revealed to be under pressure: housing, integration and training, access to health services, care for the elderly… And this without distinguishing between social and environmental issues. On all these points, the companies we are lucky enough to accompany have shown great resilience, even if some of them have been more impacted than others.

In 2020, Phitrust has made 6 investments or reinvestments and continues to work closely with entrepreneurs. Our challenge now is to support our portfolio companies in the major transformations they have had to implement during this crisis. We are convinced that they all have the human resources to bounce back.

We are also preparing for the needs of other innovative social enterprises to be greater, especially those operating where there are gaps. We must be able to finance social enterprises that have the ambition to rethink our models of society. For this, and for them to be able to meet the social challenges before us, we will need investors who are mobilized even more than before.

We are at your disposal to talk about it and to present you our ambitions of development!

NB : Phitrust Partenaires has the Finansol solidarity savings label and benefits from the ESUS (social utility solidarity enterprise) approval, which makes it eligible for the 90/10 funds solidarity pocket.

The following report presents these companies: we are very happy to see that most of them have managed to combine social objectives and profitability. Enjoy your reading!

About Phitrust

Phitrust invests in order to act with large listed companies so that they evolve their ESG practices (Phitrust Active Investors) – and with innovative social enterprises to give them the financial and human means to change scale and deploy their impact (Phitrust Partners). Two activities, one mission: to be a shareholder committed to impact.

By mobilizing private and institutional investors towards innovative, committed and inclusive entrepreneurial projects, Phitrust opens a new space between private equity and philanthropy: beyond the financial contribution, we seek to create around the entrepreneurs a network of experts and committed investors who will accompany them over the long term in order to multiply their impact for society. The economic profitability of their model is a guarantee of their sustainability. Patient capital, support, and partnerships are an integral part of our work to create an economy that integrates, without opposing, the challenges of inclusion and the environment. More than 30 social enterprises are supported by our teams, including Simplon, Lita, LemonTri, Alenvi, La Varappe, etc. Phitrust is a member of the community of mission-based enterprises.


Join us and act to increase the impact of companies and take up the challenges of tomorrow:

> By exercising your shareholder rights, with Phitrust Active Investors France, to question the leaders on the transformation of large companies towards sustainable environmental and social models… click here
> By supporting, with Phitrust Partenaires, social entrepreneurs who will need funds and advice to meet the challenges of our society, click here
> By supporting, with the Phitrust Endowment Fund, associations in view of the critical issues that many of these organizations will face in the months to come (possibility of defiscalising your donation – up to 66% for individuals). click here
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