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A “diversified” UCITS, its objective is to reach annual performance superior to Eonia +2% thanks to active management on the equity markets and the interest rate markets.

Annual performance

Track record

Past performances have no bearing on future performances and are not consistent over time.

Financial strategy

The investment strategy is based on an approach that makes it possible to modify the sector and geographic allocation according to the open-end investment company’s financial performance in line with its performance target.

Patrimoine Active Investors


Type: open-end investment company

Category : French listed shares

Custodian: RBC Investor Services Bank S.A.

Assignment of results: Capitalised (C Share) or distributed (D Share)

Creation: 2008

Currency: Euro

Valuation frequency: Weekly at closing price

Recommended investment period: More than 5 years


Isin Code(C Share) : FR0010649095

Isin Code (D Share) : FR001066654

Minimum required investment: 3,000 shares

Ongoing charges: 1.38% including tax of the net assets per annum (of which 1.2% management fees)

Entry fee: 4.50%

Exit fee: None

Fractioning of shares: No

Subscription value date: D+3

Date of surrender value: D+3


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Board of Directors

Denis Branche, Phitrust

Jean-Paul Delattre

Olivier de Guerre, Phitrust

Mathieu Le Guay

Patrimoine Active Investors


Products NAV 2022 Monthly factsheet KIID
NAV 2022- Monthly factsheet KIID

How can I subscribe?

You can subscribe to our UCITS directly from your bank or through your regular financial advisor. To subscribe, simply indicate to your correspondent the ISIN code of the corresponding UCITS.


Isin Code (C Share) : FR0010649095

Isin Code (D Share) : FR0010666545

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