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“Investing in European companies to become a positive player in society and engage in tackling major environmental and social challenges”

Phitrust Active Investors Europe is a mutual fund for shareholder engagement focused on impact. Its objective is to outperform the DJ Eurostoxx index (dividends reinvested) by a selection of European listed companies seeking a positive societal impact thanks to an innovative, sustainable and responsible strategy in the environmental and social fields, as well as governance adapted to these issues. This objective involves an analysis of companies’ activities, their commitment, the assessment of key ESG criteria and dialogue to improve the societal impact of companies in the portfolio.

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Track record

Past performances have no bearing on future performances and are not consistent over time.

Financial strategy

The Phitrust Active Investors Europe Fund invests in equities of European listed companies of small, medium and large market capitalisation. The portfolio is made up of at least 90% of Eurozone equities. The Fund’s objective is to outperform the DJ Eurostoxx dividends reinvested index by selecting companies seeking a positive environmental and societal impact.


The methodology for quantitative management of extra-financial information processing is done in three stages:

1. the determination of the key impact indicators for the range of companies,

2. the analysis and quantification of these impact criteria,,

3. a strategic allocation that leads to the over/underweighting of each mutual fund security and the selection of an optimal portfolio.

Extra-financial strategy

The selected companies must adhere to key impact criteria, evidence of their commitment to being a strong positive contributor to people and the planet, such as membership in the UN Global Compact, a good appreciation of their environmental policy through the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), societal impact initiatives targeted at disadvantaged populations, etc. The companies must also commit to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their activities must play a significant role.

Monitoring these impact indicators and controversial issues within the ESG environmental, social and governance areas allows us to have a constructive dialogue with the companies to whom we propose ESG improvements that will have a real impact on their sustainability, the creation of value and therefore ultimately on the rise of their share price.

Phitrust Active Investors


Type: mutual fund

Category : Eurozone countries listed shares

Custodian: RBC Investor Services Bank S.A.

Assignment of results: Capitalised (C Share)

Recommended investment period: More than 5 years

Creation: 1999

Currency: Euro

Valuation frequency: Daily at closing price

Benchmark: DJ Euro Stoxx dividends reinvested


Ongoing charges: 1.90% including tax of the net assets per annum (of which 1.80% ​​management fees)

Entry fee: Maximum 3% of which 1% is paid to the Phitrust Endowment Fund to finance the support and follow-up of philanthropic and solidarity projects

Exit fee: None

CODE ISIN : FR0007037130

Minimum investment: 1 share

Fractioning of shares: No

Subscription value date: D+3

Date of surrender value: D+3


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Fund managers

Denis Branche

Julien Lefebvre

Phitrust Active Investors Europe


Why subscribe?


 Be a responsible and engaged minority shareholder in accordance with their principles, voting policy, commitments and regulatory obligations

 Seek to have a positive impact on social and environmental practices through shareholder dialogue and the evolution of governance

 Invest in the leading companies of tomorrow for a better market valuation


 Analyse the topics and controversies affecting the investment universe from within the investor community

 Exchange ideas about ESG topics with the directors of listed companies

 Participate in Phitrust initiatives: collective actions, public initiatives in Annual General Meetings


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NAV 2022- Monthly factsheet KIID

How can I subscribe?

You can subscribe to our UCITS directly from your bank or through your regular financial advisor. To subscribe, simply indicate to your correspondent the ISIN code of the corresponding UCITS.


Isin Code (C Share) : FR0007037130

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