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Phitrust Active Investors

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Phitrust Active Investors France is a shareholder engagement investment fund invested in French securities with the aim of outperforming the CAC40 index (dividends reinvested) subject to a maximum annual tracking error of 4%. A quantitative methodology for processing extra-financial information obtained as part of shareholder engagement initiatives is applied.

Annual performance

Track record

■ As from July 1st, 2013, the CAC 40 index was calculated net dividends reinvested.
■ Past performances have no bearing on future performances and are not consistent over time.

Financial strategy

The open-end investment company Phitrust Active Investors France is said to have “extended index management” and will thus make use of the exemptions provided for by the regulations. The open-end investment company is typically invested in equities included in the CAC40 index. The portfolio consists exclusively of shares of European companies listed in Paris. The purpose of the open-end investment company is to replicate the Index by purchasing securities in similar proportions and with constant monitoring of changes in the composition of the reference index.

The portfolio is made up of at least 90% of Eurozone equities. The UCITS (open-end investment company) will therefore apply its quantitative management methodology for extra-financial information processing by respecting an annual tracking error of up to 4% or 20% of the volatility of the CAC40 index. The processing of this information will be done in three steps: taking into account the main governance events of the companies of the CAC40 index, the quantification and analysis of the impact of these governance events, and a strategic allocation that leads the over/underweighting of each security of the open-end investment company and the selection of an optimal portfolio.

Extra-financial strategy

Studies have shown that progress in governance ultimately leads to better valuation of companies. Conversely, failures in the governance within large European companies have weighed heavily on their market valuation. The open-end investment company therefore seeks to identify the progress in governance and the initiatives that could be taken with portfolio companies to improve their governance and ultimately their market valuation.

The open-end investment company has defined its own governance referential based in particular on the principles adopted by large institutional investors and the majority of published standards. A Technical Committee comprising the manager and the proxy advisory firm Proxinvest proposes to the Board of Directors of the open-end investment company the governance improvement initiatives that could be implemented with the portfolio companies. The Board of Directors of the open-end investment company decides on the choice of these initiatives in order to maintain a constructive and lasting dialogue with the directors of these companies.

Phitrust Active Investors


Type: open-end investment company

Category : French listed shares

Custodian: RBC Investor Services Bank S.A.

Assignment of results: Capitalised (C Share) or distributed (D Share)

Recommended investment period: More than 5 years

Creation: 2003

Currency: Euro

Valuation frequency: Daily at closing price

Benchmark: CAC 40 dividends reinvested


Entry fee: Maximum 3% of which 1% is paid to the Phitrust Endowment Fund to finance the support and follow-up of philanthropic and solidarity projects

Exit fee: None


Fractioning of shares: No

Subscription value date: D+3

Date of surrender value: D+3

Isin Code (C Share) : FR0010027094

Isin Code (D Share) : FR0010027102

Minimum required investment: 3,000 shares

Ongoing charges: 1.00% including tax of the net assets per annum (of which 0.84% management fees)

Isin Code (A Share) : FR0010538033

Minimum investment: 1 share

Ongoing charges: 1.60% including tax of the net assets per annum (of which 1.44% ​​management fees)


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Monthly Factsheet
Key Investor Information (C & D Shares)
Key Investor Information (A Share)
Annual Report
Transparency Code
Monthly ESG Report


Board of Directors

Dominique Biedermann

Agnès Blazy

Pierre Dinon

Phitrust, représenté par Olivier de Guerre

SMABTP, representé par Hubert Rodarie

Technical Committee

Loïc Dessaint, Proxinvest

Pierre-Henry Leroy, Proxinvest

Denis Branche, Phitrust

Julien Lefebvre, Phitrust

Phitrust Active Investors France


Why subscribe?


 Be a responsible and engaged minority shareholder in accordance with their principles, voting policy, commitments and regulatory obligations

 Seek to have a positive impact on social and environmental practices through shareholder dialogue and the evolution of governance

 Invest in the leading companies of tomorrow for a better market valuation


 Analyse the topics and controversies affecting the investment universe from within the investor community

 Exchange ideas about ESG topics with the directors of listed companies

 Participate in Phitrust initiatives: collective actions, public initiatives in Annual General Meetings


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NAV 2022- Monthly factsheet KIID

How can I subscribe?


You can subscribe to our UCITS directly from your bank or through your regular financial advisor. To subscribe, simply indicate to your correspondent the ISIN code of the corresponding UCITS.


Isin Code (C Share) : FR0010027094

Isin Code (D Share) : FR0010027102

Isin Code (A Share) : FR0010538033

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