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Socially responsible
investment consulting

Phitrust advises institutional and private investors, foundations and associations to align their investments with their principles and values.  Any shareholder may exercise their voting rights in order to encourage the directors to adhere to a certain number of criteria of corporate governance and socially responsible investment.

The strategies implemented have the same financial objectives as a “classic” strategy. Investments in companies or solidarity investment funds can offer financial as well as social and environmental return.

Shareholder Engagement

Establishment of an engagement policy allowing shareholders in listed companies to play a real role

Philanthropic Strategy

Establishment of a philanthropic, united strategy for businesses and individuals

Shareholder engagement consulting


Phitrust advises institutional investors in establishing a policy that allows them to play their shareholder role in listed companies.

This programme is backed by support from Phitrust teams to help them to:

define the framework within which they wish to implement this active shareholder approach,

structure the necessary means to achieve the targets,

specify the range of companies concerned,

implement the recommended actions,

measure the impact of proposed initiatives on the companies.

This programme is implemented as part of the shareholder engagement strategy that Phitrust is developing in partnership with Proxinvestand with the Expert Corporate Governance Network.



Establishment of an engagement strategy


The Phitrust engagement programme allows for the establishment of an engagement policy with investors wishing to support the boards of directors of European companies and propose improvements to their strategic governance.

Definition of the main points on which investors would like to intervene

Definition of the scope of the companies concerned

Analysis of the governance of European companies concerned in collaboration with Proxinvest and the Expert Corporate Governance Services

Proposal of initiatives to investors

Decision on action to be taken by investors

Implementation of these initiatives by Phitrust teams

Monitoring and measuring the results obtained on a regular basis

This programme allows investors to regularly monitor the actions taken with companies and to have regular meetings with the senior directors of the companies where a collective and concerted action seems desirable to achieve the targets set during the dialogue.

Phitrust undertakes with the investors under this programme not to take legal action against the companies.



Establishment of a voting policy


The Phitrust engagement programme offers support for the implementation of a voting policy adapted to the needs of each investor:

Analysis of the main voting policies existing today in similar organisations

Definition of the principles of the voting policy in relation to the values and charter of the investor

Prospective analysis of the sensitive points of the voting policy according to the constraints of the companies of each country

Implementation of the Proxinvest Internet voting platform

Implementation of the essential voting analysis tools proposed by the companies

Ongoing assistance in the relevant general shareholders meetings

Monitoring and measuring the implemented voting policy (report on the voting policy, recommendation for improvement of the systems put in place, etc.)

Philanthropic strategy consulting


Phitrust advises individuals and companies in developing a philanthropic and united strategy that meets their objectives:

Definition of the necessary framework for the implementation of their philanthropic and solidarity strategy

Structuring the means necessary to achieve the objectives set

Financial and strategic support in the medium term

Implementation of actions

Impact measurement of funded and supported projects


Definition of a philanthropic strategy


Phitrust’s philanthropic engagement programme provides support for a philanthropic strategy:

Analysis of the main wishes of the investor and their criteria for success

Definition of the principles of the philanthropic strategy in relation to the values and charter of the investor

Prospective analysis of project selection criteria according to the constraints of each investor

Implementation of the necessary tools for the analysis of projects/associations

Identification of tools for monitoring and measuring the strategy implemented


Implementation of a philanthropic strategy


Phitrust’s Philanthropic Commitment Programme allows for the establishment of an engagement policy with investors who wish to support projects run by the organisations they have decided to support in the medium term.

Definition of the type of projects that investors would like to support

Analysis according to the criteria of projects proposed by Phitrust

Decision on project financing by investors

Implementation of strategic support

Monitoring and measuring the results obtained on a regular basis

This programme enables investors to monitor regularly the actions taken and to hold regular meetings with project leaders and organisation leaders to identify the main needs in order to reach the targets and to meet their growth challenges.


Platform for analysis and project


Helping individuals or businesses in their philanthropic aspirations requires guiding them among the many projects proposed to them to meet these requirements, we have developed a European platform that brings together foundations from different European countries. The purpose of this European analysis platform is to:

provide European foundations with a higher number of detailed analyses at a lower marginal cost,

encourage co-financing between European foundations,

develop a unique support for funded and/or co-funded projects,

strengthen support for project promoters in the long term,

develop skills centres and share experiences,

stimulate fundraising from other donors – non-network members – by presenting a selection of duly evaluated projects,

provide donors with regular monitoring.

A structured, rigorous European analysis that positions each project in the world of philanthropy is the best tool to meet the expectations of these new philanthropists ready to support real social entrepreneurs who will be able to participate in social or environmental progress.


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Phitrust encourages CAC 40 Companies to join the “Science Based Targets” initiative

Phitrust encourages CAC 40 Companies to join the “Science Based Targets” initiative

Phitrust, along with the investors of the Phitrust Active Investors France fund, has sent written questions to the executive boards of 34 companies listed on the CAC40 index in preparation of their 2018 Annual General Meetings, encouraging their participation in the Science Based Targets initiative.

2018: what is the mission for companies?

2018: what is the mission for companies?

The government has launched a mission on “business and general interest”. Jean-Dominique Senard and Nicole Notat have two months to submit their report containing proposals to redefine the role and missions of companies

2017, a milestone for shareholder engagement in France

2017, a milestone for shareholder engagement in France

Proxinvest published its 21st Report on General Meetings and Shareholder Activism. Since its founding in 1995, Proxinvest has never witnessed such a contentious proxy season in France.

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