[Societal Impact] Phitrust is proud to participate to the realisation of the last GIIN’s Understanding Impact Performance report dedicated to Financial Inclusion

The Understanding Impact Performance: Agriculture Investments and Understanding Impact Performance: Financial Inclusion reports analyze the impact performance of agriculture and financial inclusion impact investments and showcase the real-world results associated with impact investments. The increasing financial volatility and rising food insecurity associated with the current COVID-19 crisis in many parts of the world heightens the urgency of impact investing to advance access to financial services and strengthen the agriculture sector. These new reports build on the approach for rigorously comparing impact results among investments within a sector, first piloted in the GIIN’s impact performance studies on clean energy and housing in October 2019. Building on the GIIN’s decade of experience standardizing impact metrics and establishing the IRIS+ system, the GIIN is raising the bar on standardizing impact performance analytics, which will lead to the establishment of industry benchmarks and ratings. The Understanding Impact Performance reports on agriculture and financial inclusion mark the significant steps being made by the GIIN towards standardizing impact performance analytics and increasing the transparency and availability of comparable impact data for investors.

The GIIN will also release a new methodology for analyzing impact performance for public comment on November 12, which will strengthen impact investors’ ability to demonstrate their impact results and equip investors with the ability to seek high-potential impact opportunities. Following a public comment and peer review period, the methodology will be finalized for release in 2021.

About the GIIN

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) is the global champion of impact investing, dedicated to increasing its scale and effectiveness around the world. Impact investments are investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. Impact investments can be made in both emerging and developed markets and target a range of returns from below market to market rate, depending upon the circumstances. The GIIN builds critical infrastructure and supports activities, education, and research that help accelerate the development of a coherent impact investing industry. For more information, please visit

Download the “Understanding Impact Performance” report dedicated to Financial Inclusion

Download the “Understanding Impact Performance” report dedicated to Agriculture

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