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Key terms

Legal form: Simplified joint-stock company with variable capital.

Venture capital fund having received the European Entrepreneurship Fund (EuSEF) certification


Target size : 20M euros


Minimum subscription amount: 100k euros


Duration of fund: 2025 (with the possiblity to extend for an extra two years)


Management fees: 2% a year of the funds gross assets (calculated 20M euros)


Entry fee: 5% maximum with 1% allocated to the endowement fund of Phitrust


Distribution: after exits of investments between 2021 and 2026.


Carried interest: beyond 5% returns, 10% of the performance realised will be given to the Phitrust Endowement fund

Objectives: Financial > anticipated returns should be above market rates for new investors

Non-financial > projects with a significant social and/or environmental return with a specific reporting related to impact analysis


Investment method: financially viable projects having a social and/or environmental impact


Investment areas: France, Europe and developing countries


Reporting: > Quarterly with updates on the portfolio

> Annually with social and environmental impact


Governance: Individual mentoring of companies in which Phitrust Parternaires has invested with strong shareholding rights set up and systematic representation in the governance of these companies


Liquidity: Possiblity to exit after three years of shareholding if there is cash available in the company, Phitrust Partenaires aims to liquidate its investments in 2026 at the latest

Why invest


Classic Venture Capital methods that are put into practice in the business world can also be applied to the non-profit sector, as has been proven within Anglo-Saxon countries for several years. This concept of “Social Venture Capital” leads donors to assess potentially financeable projects through an investor lens.


We perceive the social entrepreneurship sector as an economic sector with social, human, environmental, cultural and of course financial results. This explains our rigorous analysis regarding the operational and administrative management. Social enterprises have the same “return on investment” requirements as classic companies, even if their means and objectives differ.

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