Endowment Fund

The Phitrust Endowment Fund finances and supports social entrepreneurs who develop a project with a social purpose while using the management methods of the classical economy. It was created to identify, validate, finance and support "non-profit" projects run by social entrepreneurs.




School failure manifests itself very quickly. In most cases, it leads to dropping out of school, which greatly compromises the chances of social and professional integration.


Coup de Pouce Clé program aims at providing children aged 6-7 the support they lack within their family and social environment to learn how to read and write. In a Coup de Pouce Clé “club”, a group of 5 children participate in an after-school session, lasting 1.5 hours, 4 days a week, during 24 weeks. A group leader encourages them to take part in playful reading and writing activities according to a rigorous protocol. Each day, they experiment the pleasure of reading and succeeding, in a friendly and warm atmosphere. Coup de Pouce Clé is based on a triangular relationship between teachers, parents and children. It mobilizes parents who have been alienated from school and who do not have the availability or the personal resources to help their child.


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