La Ruche du Médoc

Endowment Fund

The Phitrust Endowment Fund finances and supports social entrepreneurs who develop a project with a social purpose while using the management methods of the classical economy. It was created to identify, validate, finance and support "non-profit" projects run by social entrepreneurs.


Association Agrisud


– The Médoc is a rural territory renowned for wine production and forestry that encounters contrasting social situations, with increasing precariousness of its population, especially further away from the Bordeaux metropolis.


La Ruche du Médoc favors the setting in economy by the creation of very small family agricultural enterprises, well anchored on the local market. The Phitrust Endowment fund assisted Agrisud in setting up a market gardening incubator system which, assuming the investment risk linked to the launch of the agricultural activity, allows the producer to focus on following objectives: to test its agroecology production capacity, develop its market in short circuits on the Medocan territory, and to envisage its installation project. In two years, a space of 1.2 ha has been developed and has trained three market gardeners, one of which settled after one year by creating his own market gardening company.


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