La Voûte Nubienne

Endowment Fund

The Phitrust Endowment Fund finances and supports social entrepreneurs who develop a project with a social purpose while using the management methods of the classical economy. It was created to identify, validate, finance and support "non-profit" projects run by social entrepreneurs.


Association : La Voûte Nubienne (VN)


– The bricklayers face non-technical impediments of organizational, managerial, financial or relational nature in order to meet the increasing demand of Nubian vaults.


« La Voûte Nubienne » trains the best bricklayers to become entrepreneurs who are able to manage the development of Nubian vaults construction sites. The Phitrust endowment fund supports “La Voûte Nubienne” in training the bricklayers to handle business management techniques, thus enabling them to become self-sufficient construction sites managers. This in turn contributes to the development of Nubian vaults construction sites.

To this day, AVN has supported the training of over 500 bricklayers, completed 2000 construction projects, benefiting over 25 000 people (users). The average growth of the numbers of construction sites for the last 10 years is 32% per year.


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