Les Alchimistes

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Phitrust Partenaires Europe is an investment company dedicated to the financing and support of European projects with a strong social impact, labeled European Social Entrepreneurship Fund (EuSEF). This new vehicle allows to develop partnerships with other European funds.

Our investment

Stake: 8,34%

First investment: December 2019



Les Alchimistes is a social business that collects and composts organic waste (mostly food waste) locally, and sells the produced compost to farmers and market gardeners. The biowaste is both collected and composted in urban districts with electromechanical composters in micro factories that can be easily spread out.

– Simplified joint stock company with a capital of 14K€



– Organic waste represents a third of what ends up in our trash bins. The company stops the incineration of waste rich in organic material and water.
– The company answers a regulatory obligation that constrains biowaste producers to separate it and allow the collection by the appropriate channels.



– The company employs people who just finished a work reintegration programme (objective of 50% of the workforce).
177 tons of biowaste collected
103m3 of compost produced
– The local aspect of the collection and composting of organic waste avoids the transportation of waste over hundreds of kilometres and decreases the CO2 emissions.

Leading team :
Alexandre Guilluy, co-founder and president, Fabien-Kenzo Sato, co-founder and technical director, Cyrielle Callot, general director and development manager

Website : www.alchimistes.co/

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