Mains Libres

Endowment Fund

The Phitrust Endowment Fund finances and supports social entrepreneurs who develop a project with a social purpose while using the management methods of the classical economy. It was created to identify, validate, finance and support "non-profit" projects run by social entrepreneurs.


Association Mains Libres


– The homeless are congested and stigmatized by their luggage, and they can lose them or get them stolen.


Mains Libres meets a need for mobility. It offers its homeless members the opportunity to put their luggage in a locker morning and evening, seven days a week, safely, and keep this locker as long as they need it. The association is managed in a participative and voluntary way with the homeless, both for its administration and for the daily operation of the luggage. This service is not considered as a way of keeping the homeless in their situation, which is unacceptable, but on the contrary as an asset to facilitate their insertion through the reappropriation of their mobility and autonomy.


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