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Phitrust Partenaires is an investment company dedicated to financing and supporting projects with a strong social impact. The fund is labeled European Social Entrepreneurship Fund (EuSEF). It provides mentoring and financial support to small and medium-sized for-profit companies that create a positive social and environmental impact.

Our investment

Total: 651k€

Stake: 10,94%

First investment: Décember 2019


Namé Recycling is a Belgian-Cameroonian company with strong social and environmental impact which develops a solution of collection, treatment and recycling of plastic waste that pollutes, in an increasing way, both the urban and rural areas of Cameroon. Converted into flakes and packaging materials, these plastics are then sold on the local and international market.

Public limited liability company with a capital of 560K€



– Namé recycling has become, within three years of existence, the first plastic recycler in Cameroon
– The company is an ambassador in Africa of a new way of managing the resources’ consumption and the resulting waste
– Namé has a strong job creation potential



539 people employed in 3 establishments (Yaoundé, Douala and Limbé)
– About 600 indirect jobs created in 2019
– The company carries out awareness-raising actions in schools, households, companies and even on the streets with the aim of changing the behaviour of plastic users.

2 198 tons of plastic waste collected in 2019 (of 25 000 tons produced each year in Cameroon)

4 836  tons of CO2 avoided

Leading team :
Roblain Namegni, co-founder and president, Thomas Poelmans, co-founder and director

Website :

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