Phitrust Asia

Phitrust Partenaires

Phitrust Partenaires is an investment company dedicated to financing and supporting projects with a strong social impact. The fund is labeled European Social Entrepreneurship Fund (EuSEF). It provides mentoring and financial support to small and medium-sized for-profit companies that create a positive social and environmental impact.

Our investment

Total: 496k€

Stake: 40,31 %

First investment: 2015


Phitrust Asia is an impact investment company created by Phitrust Partenaires focusing on South East Asia, a region where social entrepreneurship is emerging and developing rapidly.



 Krakakoa develops the first premium, fair trade and organic bean to bar Indonesian chocolate.

The Pioneer Facility allows to bridge the financing gap for young social enterprises in the access to energy, water and sanitation field.

Wheig Asia develops waste valorization sites especially for big malls, starting in Bangkok.

 ATEC is the global leader in cost-effective smart cookstove technology for Base of the Pyramid (BoP) households.

 Burgreen & GreenButcher leader in plant based food.

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