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Phitrust Partenaires

Phitrust Partenaires is an investment company dedicated to financing and supporting projects with a strong social impact. The fund is labeled European Social Entrepreneurship Fund (EuSEF). It provides mentoring and financial support to small and medium-sized for-profit companies that create a positive social and environmental impact.

Our investment

Stake: 28,7 %

First investment: Décembre 2016


Phitrust Partenaires Europe is a simplified joint stock company created by Phitrust Partenaires and the European Investment Fund to finance social entrepreneurship projects within the European Union.


 Alenvi is a home care services company that reinvents the way dependent elderly people are being accompanied, by empowering carers.

Koiki is a last mile delivery company employing mentally impaired people excluded from the job market.

Lemon Tri installs innovative recycling machines allowing automatic sorting and recycling. is a crowdfunding company specialized in the equity financing of companies with a social or environmental goal.

 Responsage reshapes the social care profession as a whole by accompanying employees that support relatives weakened by disease, handicap or an advanced. is a business that provides computer coding training in the form of free of charge six-month courses.

Les Alchimistes is a social business that collects and composts organic waste (mostly food waste) locally, and sells the produced compost to farmers and market gardeners.

Réseau Eco Habitat is a social business with the ESUS certification, that allows families in a situation of social and financial precarity and living in houses with strong energy insecurity to reach and benefit from their rights to undertake construction works thanks to a personalised support and a financial and technical engineering, in order to build a new life project.

BeCode is a next-generation ICT training center, active in 5 cities across Belgium. BeCode provides training programs into digital technologies free of charge.

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