Phitrust Partenaires Europe

Phitrust Partenaires Europe is an investment company dedicated to the financing and support of European projects with a strong social impact, labeled European Social Entrepreneurship Fund (EuSEF). This new vehicle allows to develop partnerships with other European funds.

Our investment

Stake: 8,8%

First investment: July 2018


Responsage reshapes the social care profession as a whole by accompanying, in an innovative way, employees that support relatives weakened by disease, handicap or an advanced age through a consulting and orientation service.


Original and relevant consulting service to employed family caregivers
A very innovative online and on site welfare assistance project
Plan to develop a consulting offer to family caregivers that don’t have a stable job, that have financial difficulties or that are in a vulnerable situation


Responsage helps family caregivers in an efficient and human way. This support contributes to relieving their stress and to reducing presenteeism and absenteeism. In 2018, Responsage has accompanied 2 200 people.

Net Promoter Score of 69 (the NPS is considered « excellent » when the value is higher than 50)

Responsage wants to create an association in order to accompany underpriviledged family caregivers.

Leading team:
Joël Riou, President and Cofounder, Marie-Suzel Inzé, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer and Felipe de la Fuente, Strategy and Development Director


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