Santé Sud

Endowment Fund

The Phitrust Endowment Fund finances and supports social entrepreneurs who develop a project with a social purpose while using the management methods of the classical economy. It was created to identify, validate, finance and support "non-profit" projects run by social entrepreneurs.


Santé Sud


There is a shortage of physicians in the Malagasy countryside. Many villages are hundreds of kilometers away from health care. Moreover, the university trains physicians who have difficulties finding work, and remain unemployed.


Between 2007 and 2010, the Santé Sud association helped 33 Malagasy physicians to establish practices in rural areas, where each one of them tends to a population of approximately 10 000 persons, with tangible results on health and sanitation, infant mortality, urgent care, prevention of epidemics and rural development. This program involved community input, enabling physicians to be integrated into the community and thereby have their skills and medical practices recognized. At the end of the program, 33 physicians had established autonomous facilities, and become social entrepreneurs living off of the wages from their activities.


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